Blue Iris Download

Blue Iris Download

Blue Iris is a webcam and video security software for remote monitoring and management. The blue iris download allows for the use of nearly 64 cameras which include network IP cams, webcams, analog cards, and even Windows PC desktop. The blue iris download offers the user the capabilities of capturing snapshots in JPEG format or movies in normal AVI, MP4, DVR. It also reads the file in Windows Media Format.

Key Features of Blue Iris Download

  • Video Security: allows the user to monitor their family, cars, home, business, as well as other items
  • Remote Monitoring and Management: the user has remote access to cameras and videos
  • Alerts regarding Action: Offers alerts regarding the condition of cameras and others
  • New UI: the new version of Blue Iris, V5, provides a new interface and has redesigned every element.

There are two versions available of blue iris download a full version which offers support for a total of 64 cameras and another version, LE, which supports one camera. This software has a license for a single concurrent user (per PC) and comes with a demo period of 15 days.

Features Supported through Mobile Access

  • Watch live as well as logged videos
  • Manage and monitor several installations process
  • Control PTZ (Pan–tilt–zoom camera), IR (Infrared), among other functions
  • Easy navigation of cameras

Minimum Requirements of Blue Iris Download

  • 2 GHz of Pentium dual-core processor.
  • 2GB of RAM or more
  • Windows Operating System of 7 or newer
  • You need to have two or more IP cameras.

Recommended Specifications of Blue Iris Download

  • i7 Intel core processor that has QuickSync technology
  • 8 GB of RAM or More
  • 64 bit of the operating system.
  • Windows 10
  • NVIDIA adaptor for graphics
  • A drive for more than 7200+ RPM

The software uses motion or audio sensors to trigger camera recording. Recording can be done in a continuous manner or even sporadically. One can even optionally record the audio. The user can receive notifications via email, loudspeaker, voice call, or any other program or script. They can also run Blue Iris on Windows and have control over it on a PC.

The software has an inbuilt webserver, UI3, which enables the user to remotely connect with the software from anywhere globally and any internet-enabled device. It offers desktop as well as mobile viewing. It also has security standards in place which authenticate the user first and only provide permit-based control on viewing. It also automatically adjusts when the IP changes and also maintains a detailed log.

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